Don’t Invest in Influencer Marketing Without These Five Secrets

Every serious business that wants to succeed in the competitive business space will create marketing strategies that would outsmart its competition. Influencer marketing has become an extremely valuable marketing strategy for developing brand awareness and is used by some of the biggest brands such as Adidas, Lynda and Pepsi to promote their products. Don’t invest in influencer marketing without these five secrets shared below.

Kylie Jenner promoting Louis Vuitton brand with over 8.4 million likes on Instagram

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the use of influential people on social media who may have expertise or knowledge in their field to endorse a product or service or create brand awareness. In simple terms it is having someone validate your product or services to a new audience to achieve an objective which may be sales, brand awareness, or campaign.

Some of the biggest influencers, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande has large followership online. Cristiano Ronaldo has over 378 million followers, Ariana Grande, 282 million, Kylie Jenner, 290 million followers. Mike Heller, founder and CEO of Talent Resources, told Fortune senior editor Anne Vandermey in an interview that, “When you have an influencer that has 30 million followers, 20 million, five million—that’s more powerful than any of the other traditional media outlets out there.”

Cristiano Ronaldo promoting his perfume collection with over 7.4 million likes on Instagram


Business has the same definition across the world – buy and selling of goods and services; but its modus operandi differs. Influencer marketing works but it sadly does not work for everyone. Some infleuncers just charge huge amounts of money but they literally do not convert thereby wasting your hard earned money. You need to understand what influencer marketing is and the secrets that work for other brands adopting the strategy. Whether influencer marketing would work for your business is what you need to find out. Therefore, don’t invest in influencer marketing without these five secrets:

1. Influencers Must Be Influential

An influencer must be an opinion leader – someone whose words people take seriously. There are people who have lots of followers but can not drive conversations around anything. Rather than focusing on the number of followers that some of them buy, focus on the responsiveness of their engagement rate, number of views, likes and their ability to get peoples’ attention especially in particular niches that may be related to yours.

Selena Gomez promoting Rare Beauty’s Brow Harmony Shape & Fill Duo with over 2.9 million likes on Instagram

2. Not all Influencers are Suitable for Your Business

A lot of times, business owners are drawn to who is popular and decide on cashing out on the trend by affiliating themselves with popular influencers rather than on the goal of their marketing. This takes us back to the story of “Jumoke Orisaguna who became an overnight success after photo bombing TY Bello had with Tinie Tempah’s photo session. All brands wanted to share in her glory and jumped on the wagon. She got so many endorsements but as soon as the spotlight went off, they dropped her and are onto the next big thing. Businesses should be able to identify with influencers that resonate with their goals.

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Ariana Grande promoting Allure and her brand collection with over 3.1 million likes on Instagram

If your brand is focused on children you will rather choose an influencer who is not overtly focused on explicit content such people may not be suitable influence on children,

3. Choose Influencers That are in Your Niche or Understand Your Industry

In well-organized countries, influencers are niche-based. You will notice that Kylie Jenner is more involved in influencing for beauty brands, fashion etc. You will find brands such as Adidas, Nike going for the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Serena Williams and others. Influencers are expected to have a level of expertise or sound knowledge about the industry they are in. It seems to be a different ball game here. A company that manufactures sanitary pads once used a male music artist as its influencer and one would wonder what the inspiration behind that was. Does the artist have sound knowledge and experience talking to women and young girls about this product?

Lionel Messi promoting a wrist watch with over 7.2 million likes on Instagram

Choose an influencer that has at least good knowledge of your brand, the product. This will make the message convincing enough. It is why many sports manufacturers choose Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams as their influencers because they understand for example what good sportswear feels like when you wear it.

4. Choose Influencers That are Interested in Your Business Growth

Many influencers are just interested in getting their pay cheques whether the deal pays you off or not. Can they go all out for your brand even if it means staying extra hours? We hosted a beauty fair that an influencer we got was supposed to show up early. Instead, the influencer showed up when most of the main activities had ended despite being told everything days before hand. Influencers that make time for your business only when it is convenient after they have been paid are not genuinely interested in your business growth.

Little Girl promoting Kylie Jenner’s babay products with over 29,000 likes

5. Trending Influencers Do Not Guarantee High ROI

Jumping into trends will only bring your momentary result that might not be durable. What happens when the influencer stops trending? Have you not observed that some brands often wait for the next star to emerge from the next reality TV show to select their influencers because they think that is who is trending?

An influencer is someone who has an audience, knows the audience and has strong influence over them (not magical influence though (lol)

Do not make the mistake by engaging in a business strategy without understanding it properly. Ensure that you don’t invest in influencer marketing without these five secrets mentioned above.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts below and tell us what other secrets can help in deciding on a great influencer for your brand.

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