How to Build a Hot-selling Brand in 4 steps


You have probably heard the word brand or branding too many times but do not know how to build a hot-selling brand. Brand building is both an art and a science hence requires logic, tactful implantation of strategic polices. However, in general terms, branding is other peoples’ perception of your business, product or personality. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, affirmed this saying, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Therefore, you haven’t really built a brand if you’re not successful at making the conversation focus on you.

Branding has become difficult over time and clearly we have seen big brands get swallowed up in stiff competition. This also means that building a hot-selling brand does not mean that your work is done – we will focus on that later. What comes to mind when these brands are mentioned: Michael Jackson or Amazon? It is as if your inner mind’s eye can see something; it could be the logo, the UI/UX, the experience, the personality or product. These brands have successfully created a perception that many people can connect with once they see them. When I hear Michael Jackson all I perceive is dance, pop, break dance and his music brings a strong perception. That brand has remained powerful even after the death of the creator.

You can become a hot-selling brand and have a sort of magical effect on the world; however, it is not going to come on a platter of gold. You have to work it out following these steps;

Have a Target Audience: It is a fruitless effort to over aim for your audience targeting. Who are your target audience? Do they live in a particular location, or do they have certain beliefs? Everyone loves music but when it comes to genres of music such as hip hop, RnB, Rock, many are divided as to what appeals to them or what they listen to the most.

Understand your Key Message: Every brand has a key message. Developing and communicating this will help to keep your brand as a solution to your target audience. It is the key message that ultimately sells the brand, not your marketing efforts. If I need a motivational speaker, I would think of a Less Brown, for product genius I would think of Apple.

Build a Recognizable Identity: Your identity is what your target audience can identify you with. This encompasses your logo, slogan, brand colours, as well as your business name. If done poorly, it might fail to capture your audience’s attention therefore if you are not skilled at this, you need to hire a graphics designer, web designer or a brand strategist to do this for you.

Be consistent: I built my first blog in 2017 but I have had thousands of reasons not to start which has affected my ability to build a successful brand Although it is a hard thing to be consistent your brand is going nowhere if you always going back-and-forth on it. You cannot afford to stake a backseat else other your competitors will swallow you up.

Therefore, to builld a hot-selling brand the above key points are valuable and will help you reach your brand goals faster. Visit and share this article with your friends.

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